Let's Not Beat Around the Bush

The Underwear You Wear Matters

Our vaginas have thankless jobs. They give pleasure. They give life. And how do we reward them? By wearing an old, torn thong to yoga class or trusting a lace g-string to hold up during leg day. We believe they deserve more. Welcome to Netherlin.

Founder Story


Whether it was a walk or a run, movement was a part of our daily routine. From matching sets to specialty socks, we had all the proper workout gear to best support our breasts, feet and legs. And yet, our most sensitive areas — our vulva, vagina and anus — were left with either our oldest, torn thong or stretched lingerie. From rolling, to ripping, to staying sweaty long after our other gear had dried, our underwear was wildly uncomfortable and simultaneously leaving us at risk for infection.

We realized our lingerie belonged in the bedroom, not the weight room. But, we came up short in our search for women's sports underwear (though we found plenty of options for men). So we set out to engineer the only pair of underwear that's worthy of our nether regions during a workout — Sports Underwear.


Create a Thriving (Healthy) Environment For All Vulvas + Their Owners