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About Us

Redefining the good in underwear.

We’re setting a new benchmark for what your underwear can do for you. Here, you can expect uncompromising quality, functionality, and care from your daily essentials.

Our Story

On average, women wear up to three pairs of underwear a day to meet the demands of our routines. Yet, in the midst of life’s hustle, many of us have quietly accepted a compromise when it comes to the layers that sit closest to our skin.

Netherlin emerged from a shared desire for more — more than the all-too-common trade-offs between beauty, comfort, and functionality. We were tired of questioning the materials of our most intimate garments, of settling for what was merely “good enough,” and of the constant search for underwear that could truly keep up with us, in every sense.

Elevating the underwear standard.

Our journey began with a simple question: What if we could create underwear that not only fits our lives but enhances them? With that, Netherlin was born, rooted in the belief that no woman should have to compromise on comfort, style, or her well-being.

Our debut, the Movement Collection, is just the beginning — a line designed for your most active moments, marrying innovation with intuition to support you as you move through your day.

A pair for every moment of your day.

Our top drawers should be shaped by the evolving needs of our bodies and our lives. We look forward to creating a range of options tailored to every part of your day, ensuring that you’re equipped with the perfect blend of form, function, and feel in every moment.

Netherlin stands for more than just underwear. We stand for a movement towards better, towards thoughtful design and intentional care, towards a world where every woman feels supported, confident, and empowered from the inside out. Join us in redefining what it means to feel truly comfortable in your own skin — throughout the day, every day.